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General Information

Any of the data provided may be altered or withdrawn, or refused access to the website if it is considered necessary at any time. The following terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales and any disputes will be decided only by the courts of England and Wales.

Electrical take-back scheme

When you buy a new electrical product from us to replace a similar item that you no longer require then the item being replaced (whether or not it was bought from Ebac) may be returned to us for treatment and recycling. If you wish to use this service, please contact us at customer.services@ebac.com or phone (0845) 634 1392 to arrange a convenient time for you to deliver the old item back to us. Please quote your new product order number and describe the item that is to be recycled. This will enable us to double-check it is similar to the item we are supplying and therefore that we are able to recycle it. Please be aware that there will be a fee to cover transportation costs. Under the WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC, as amended by Directive 2003/108/EC), each member state, including UK are required to minimise the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Ebac are required to offer take-back and subsequent recycling of electrical products sold directly to householders to comply with this. Unwanted electrical equipment is the Uk’s fastest growing type of waste. Many electrical items can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and the environment. If you do not recycle, electrical equipment will end up in landfill where hazardous substances will leak out and cause soil and water contamination - harming wildlife and also human health. To remind you that old electrical equipment can be recycled, it is now marked with a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol. Please do not throw any electrical equipment (including those marked with the crossed out wheeled bin symbol) in your bin. Both Ebac and our customers can assist in recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment. We cannot recycle it unless you return it, so our customers have an important role to play in helping us to recycle. All electrical goods we sell now display the crossed out wheelie bin, so you will know that if possible, these should be recycled and that when you are buying a new item, the company supplying the new item will take the old one back.