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Ecare FAQ

  • What is the maximum temperature?

    Our E-Series machines all offer a maximum temperature of 90ºC.

  • Can I lock the control panel?

    Yes, all controls can be locked by simply pressing and holding two buttons. Please refer to our instruction manual for exact steps.

  • Does the machine come with a digital inverter motor?

    No, a standard motor only is used in this range.

  • Can you pause the machine once the wash has started?

    Yes, our E-Series machines has a pause function.

  • Does your washing machine have an extra rinse option?

    Yes, our E-Series machines offer an additional extra rinse option that can be added to a standard wash cycle or a rinse only wash cycle.

  • Does your washing machine have a rinse hold option?

    No, this option is not available on this range of machines.

  • Can you add an item to the wash cycle once it has started?

    Yes, if you pause the machine after it has started you will be able to open the door to add an extra item.

  • Can you turn the beep noise off at the end of the wash cycle?

    Yes, all audio can be turned off, please refer to our instruction manual for exact steps.

  • Is there a spin only option on your washing machines?

    Yes, all E-Series machines offer a spin only option.

  • What is the delay start options?

    The models in this range can be delayed for upto 9 hours in steps of 3, 6 or 9 hours.

  • Is this a cold fill only machine?

    No, we offer models in cold only and in hot and cold (dual fill) options.