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Dehumidifiers FAQ

  • What warranty do I get with a Dehumidifier?

    We are so proud and sure of the quality of our products that when you buy a Dehumidifier from us, we offer up to 5 years warranty!

  • Can I clean my filters?

    Yes! Standard filters are hand-washable.

  • My Powerpac makes a gurgling noise at startup or if I accidently knock it, why?

    This is simply the pump activating in the lower reservoir, because there is no water for it to collect, the noise is louder than usual. This is perfectly normal and the sound should only last for 10-15 seconds.

  • Will I need to replace any parts on my Dehumidifier?

    The only thing you should need to replace on your Dehumidifier is the filters, this should be done every 3 months.

  • Will damp in my home affect my health?

    Yes! Excess moisture can cause damp and mold, which produces allergens (something that causes allergies). These can be harmful to everyone but especially to babies, children, elderly people and people that suffer from asthma and have skin problems.

  • My Dehumidifier has stopped collecting water, why?

    This could be because of the conditions in the home and there is simply no moisture to extract. If you think your Dehumidifier has a problem please contact customer services on 08456341392.

  • How many hours per day will the Dehumidifier be on?

    This will depend upon how damp the air is, our Smart Dehumidifiers use Proportionate Control to monitor the conditions in your home and work out when it needs to run and how long for.

  • How much moisture does drying laundry indoors generate?

    Drying laundry indoors can generate up to 9 pints of excess moisture!

  • How much moisture will I generate in a day?

    Two people will generate 24 pints of moisture at home in one single day & up to two pints of this moisture can not be absorbed by your home!

  • Can I set a specific relative humidity level with an Ebac Dehumidifier?

    No, our Dehumidifiers use Proportionate Control to continuously monitor the surrounding environment, so you don't have to work it out!

  • How much electricity do they use?

    Our Dehumidifiers use between 0.36kW and 0.21kW.

  • Are they safe to use near children?

    Yes, Ebac Dehumidifiers are perfectly safe to use around children and animals!

  • How will I know when to empty the water container?

    Our Dehumidifiers indicate when the water container is full with an illuminated light.

  • What should I expect to happen when I first start running my Dehumidifier?

    You should initially run your Dehumidifier on Max/Boost for at least 24 hours before switching to Proportionate Control, if appropriate, however, if you do run on Proportionate Control straight away you will most probably find that the Dehumidifier runs constantly for around 24 hours so it can understand its surroundings.

    After this initial 24 hour period what you experience will depend on the reason you bought your Dehumidifier. If you are trying to combat a serious damp and mold problem you will need to run your Dehumidifier on its maximum setting constantly and you may not notice a difference for the first few days - even up to a week. After this you will find that the damp will begin to reduce and mold will stop growing at which point you can begin to run the Dehumidifier on Proportionate Control.

    If you are trying to combat general condensation you will run the Dehumidifier on its maximum setting for 24 hours then switch it to Proportionate Control. You will start to notice an improvement after just 1 day which will get progressively better over the next month.

  • How long will my Dehumidifier last?

    The average life of a dehumidifier is 7-8 years, though we have known of Dehumidifiers that have lasted 20 years. (This depends on how often they are used)

  • How long will it take for my condensation to clear?

    You should start to notice an improvement in your condensation after just 1 day, however, it could take up to a month to get excess moisture in your home under control.


    You should be aware that if we experience a sudden change in temperature you may still experience some condensation initially until you Dehumidifier takes control of the moisture again. If you are running a Smart Dehumidifier on Proportionate Control - SMART or AUTO control, your Dehumidifier will automatically take this change in temperature into consideration when calculating when to operate.

  • How can the water be disposed of?

    Simply pour the water collected in the water container down the drain. Although we have been told by many of our Dehumidifier users that they use it to water plants, fill the iron and even flush the toilet, we cannot recommend doing this.

  • What is Intelligent Defrost?

    Intelligent Defrost is a feature on Ebac Dehumidifiers. When the moisture condenses to water on the coils, the coils can sometimes be so cold that the water can solidify. Intelligent Defrost predicts this is going to happen before it happens and stops the refrigerant running through the coils, this lets the coils warm up naturally, allowing the water to run into the water container.

  • What is a Smart Dehumidifier?

    A Smart Dehumidifier is a Dehumidifier that has all of Ebac's unique patented technology that work together to save you energy, money and can run independently without you having to do any of the work.

  • What is Proportionate Control?

    Proportionate Control is a unique feature designed by Ebac engineer's. It learns about your lifestyle and the climate in and around your home. With this data it knows when to run and when not to run, saving you energy and money.

  • How does an Ebac Dehumidifier work?

    An Ebac Dehumidifier is a Refrigerant Coil Dehumidifier, this means it uses a fan to pass the air over the refrigerated coil (which has refrigerant running through it to make it the coldest place in the room). Any moisture in the air is condensed on the coil which is then collected in the water container.

  • What does the extraction rate mean?

    The extraction rate it the amount of water that can be extracted in 24 hours.

  • How quickly will the water container fill up?

    This depends on how much excess moisture is in the air. At first you will probably find your Dehumidifier collects as much as 2 containers of water per day, but after it removes the initial moisture from the air it will slow down and you will probably find yourself emptying the water container every 1-2 days.

  • Is there another way to get rid of condensation other than a Dehumidifier?

    Yes, good ventilation will get rid of condensation. You could even open a few windows, this isn't always very practical, especially in the unpredictable British weather.

  • How do I get rid of condensation?

    Condensation is formed when excess moisture in the air has nowhere to go so condenses on the coldest parts of the room (windows, walls, furniture ect.). In order to get rid of the condensation you need to get rid of the excess moisture.

  • What is the difference between the extraction rate and the water container size?

    The extraction rate on a Dehumidifier is the amount of water your Dehumidifier will extract per day and the water container size is the amount of water your Dehumidifier can hold at any one time. So if you can empty your water container between 5-6 times a day!

  • Do you have a filter that will remove odours from my home?

    We do! Activated Carbon filters will help to remove any unwanted odours from your home!

  • How do I dry laundry with a Dehumidifier?

    Place your laundry on a clothes horse in a small room, place your Dehumidifier in the room with the air grill facing your laundry (but not too close). Switch the Dehumidifier to Laundry Mode or Boost Mode and leave in the room with the door closed.

  • Do I need to maintain my dehumidifier?

    The only thing you should do to keep the maintenance of your dehumidifier up is vacuum the filters once a month and replace them every three months.

  • What mode should I run my Dehumidifier on?

    We would suggest to always have your Smart Dehumidifier using Proportionate Control which is also known as 'Smart Mode'.

  • How often should I empty my Dehumidifier?

    All of our Dehumidifiers indicate when the water container is full with an automatic cut off and warning light. Although we would recommend that you empty the water container right before you go to bed or leave the house just incase it is almost full and cuts off while you are out.

  • Is there anywhere I should avoid placing my dehumidifier?

    For safety reasons you should avoid placing your dehumidifier in a bathroom, if you find you get a lot of condensation in your bathroom simply place the dehumidifier outside in the hall and leave the door open.

  • Can a dehumidifier dry the air too much?

    If using a standard manual dehumidifier where you set the humidity setting yourself then it could be possible to dry the air too much. With Smart dehumidifiers and Proportionate Control this isn't possible as it constantly monitors the environment around it to know when it needs to run and when it doesn't.

  • Would I need to run a dehumidifier all year round?

    This will depend upon your circumstance, our dehumidifiers are perfect for use all year round. Through winter you are protecting your home from damp and mold. When it comes to summer, British weather can be unpredictable and wet so should you run your dehumidifier through summer you will still be able to to dry laundry indoors quickly and efficiently without damaging fabric of your home. Many Ebac dehumidifiers also have a specific air purification setting which will filter the air without dehumidifying which is perfect for summer.

  • How much water can I expect to remove?

    This completely depends upon how much moisture is in the air. When you first run your dehumidifier you should expect to remove the most water as your dehumidifier settles itself and learns about it's environment.

  • Where does the water come from?

    Air drawn through the dehumidifier is passed over a refrigeration coil, the refrigerant running through this coil makes it very cold and as we already know excess moisture in the air is attracted to the coldest thing it passes, which would be the coil. Once the moisture hits the coils it turns into water and drips down into the water container. With the refrigeration coils being so cold the water can often quickly solidify and freeze to the coils, Ebac dehumidifiers use Intelligent Defrost that predicts when the coils are going to freeze and stops the refrigerant running through the coils. This means the coils can naturally start to warm up and the water can drip down into the water container without freezing and damaging your dehumidifier.

  • Where can I buy an Ebac dehumidifier?

    You can buy an Ebac dehumidifier from right here on our site, or alternatively find a retailer here.

  • Do I leave the dehumidifier switched on all the time?

    It is completely fine to leave your dehumidifier switched on all the time. Ebac dehumidifiers use Proportionate Control technology to monitor the way you live and adjust to the environment in and around your home. This means it knows when to run and most importantly when not to.

  • Is a dehumidifier expensive to run?

    A dehumidifier costs approximately 2 pence an hour to run. However, Dehumidifiers do not run at all times and it can be more expensive to heat a damp house when compared to a dry one.

  • How many dehumidifiers do I need?

    One! Most houses will only need one dehumidifier, placed centrally in your home. Make sure to keep all doors left slightly open to ensure it is effective throughout the whole house.

  • Where do I put my dehumidifier?

    For tackling problems like condensation we would recommend placing your dehumidifier in a central place, such as a landing or hallway, keeping all doors slightly a jar. If you have certain problem areas that you would like the dehumidifier to work extra hard to fix then simply place it in that room/area until the problem is under control then move the dehumidifier to a central place.

  • What is a Desiccant Dehumidifier?

    Desiccant dehumidifiers work by passing air through a rotor containing water absorbent desiccant material. They generally contain five major components: two fans, a heater, a motor and a rotor containing the desiccant material. They work by using one fan to pass room air through the rotor which allows the desiccants to absorb to moisture and another fan to pass hot air through the same rotor to extract the moisture from the desiccants. The heater is used to produce the hot air and the motor is used to rotate the rotor.

  • What is a Refrigerated Coil Dehumidifier?

    Refrigerated Coil based dehumidifiers work in a similar way to the way condensation forms on a window. They contain a refrigeration system which becomes the coldest place in the house. A fan is used to pass air across the refrigerated coil and any moisture in the air is condensed on the coil which is then collected in the water container. At Ebac the refrigerated coils we use in all of our dehumidifiers are hydrophilic. This means the coils are coated with a special substance which allows the condensed water to run off the coils at a higher rate. This improves performance by allowing the water extraction and collection to be processed faster.

  • Which type of dehumidifier do I need?

    The type of dehumidifier you need will depend upon your circumstances. There are Refrigerated Coil Dehumidifiers and there are Desiccant Dehumidifiers, each have advantages and disadvantages.

  • What types of dehumidifier are there?

    There are two types of dehumidifier designed for the home, Refrigerated Coil Dehumidifiers and Desiccant Dehumidifiers.

  • Why do I get condensation?

    Moisture that cant be held in the air anymore condenses on the coldest place in the room and creates water, sometimes this can be seen on windows but other times it isn't as visible and could be causing damage in your home.

  • Why do I need a dehumidifier?

    Many benefits come with having a dehumidifier. Removing moisture from the air means the air will be warmer and it will cost less to heat, saving you money. A dehumidifier also removes and prevents moisture from entering your furtinure or walls which can cause damp/mould and is costly to repair.

  • What is a dehumidifier?

    Dehumidifiers are household appliances designed to remove excess moisture from the air to lower the humidity levels, for health and comfort purposes.

  • What if the dehumidifier dries the air too much?

    Unless your settings are wildly incorrect, this simply won’t happen. If there is no more moisture there the dehumidifier can’t collect it. Plus, Smart ControlTM eliminates this issue altogether as it constantly monitors conditions against the “ideal” environment.

  • Would I need to run a Dehumidifier all the year round?

    Running a Dehumidifier from early October until the spring is generally sufficient, as more moisture is generated during the winter weather. It's also better to start using your Dehumidifier before the winter starts; this reduces the risk of moisture soaking into your walls. If you do start your Dehumidifier part way through the winter, it is advisable to run it continuously for around 2 weeks to ensure your home is properly dried out.

  • How much water can I expect to take out?

    90% of homes can produce 3- 5 pints per day, but every home is different. For example, it’s not unusual to find next door neighbours in almost identical homes with the same family size producing different amounts of moisture. There’s no hard and fast rule about how much moisture to take out, but you will soon know if your dehumidifier is working effectively as condensation will start to disappear and your home will feel much drier and healthier.


    There are other unseen benefits too, including a reduction of moisture levels in your furnishings and walls, less mold and fungal spores and fewer house mites - all of which can provoke allergies, and aggregate asthma and arthritis.


    You might also find that your laundry dries quicker with a dehumidifier in your home, which is a welcomed benefit in winter or if you live in an apartment that has no outside drying space.


    There are other unseen benefits too, including a reduction of moisture levels in your furnishings and walls, less mold and fungal spores and fewer house mites – all of which can provoke allergies.


    You might also find that your laundry dries quicker with a dehumidifier in your home, which is a welcome benefit in winter or if you live in an apartment that has no outside drying space.

  • How does a Dehumidifier work?

    The way a Dehumidifier works is similar to the way condensation forms on a cold window. A Dehumidifier contains a compact refrigeration system which makes it the coldest place in the house. Air is drawn into the cold Dehumidifier where any moisture in the air condenses on the hydrophilic coils and is collected on the easy pour container.

  • Where does the water come from?

    The list is virtually endless; running a shower or bath, boiling a kettle, cooking a meal, doing the dishes and drying laundry all increase the level of moisture in your home. Even something as simple as breathing, the weather and climate can add to the problem creating condensation and damp

  • Why do I need a Dehumidifier?

    If you regularly see condensation on your windows, or damp and mold spots in the corners of cold or little used rooms, the air in your home probably contains excess moisture. If you don’t do anything about it, this moisture can damage your carpets, curtains, furniture and even your walls. You need a Dehumidifier to remove this excess moisture before it becomes a serious problem.