Chest Freezers that fit around you

We understand that you may not always have room to fit your freezer in the kitchen. That’s why our chest freezers have been specially designed with features that allow them to fit and work almost anywhere!

Our chest freezers will fit and run almost anywhere

Safe running with Climate Class technology

We manufacture our freezers in Britain, for the people of Britain so we make sure our freezers will work better here than others do. Our famous British weather is something our freezers are more than happy to contend with, working just as happily in an outbuilding as they would in your home.

Our climate class technology ensures our chest freezer’s components will run in ambient temperatures ranging from 10ºC right up to 43ºC making it ideal to store your chest freezer out the way and in the garage if you choose to!

Climate class is a standard set of temperatures used for testing the efficiency of a freezer. The climate class assigned to a freezer helps consumers understand the ambient temperatures at which the freezer will operate at efficiently.

All chest freezers are tested to the same standard to help remove confusion for the consumer.

Norfrost by Ebac chest freezers have a climate class of SN-T (10ºC – 43ºC), however we’ve engineered our refrigeration system for the British climate, so on the few occasions the temperature in your garage drops below 10ºC, your Norfrost by Ebac will still continue to operate correctly. **

It may seem odd but some freezers don’t like the cold…

  • Cold temperatures can cause certain brands of chest freezer to run improperly - Norfrost by Ebac chest freezers run normally in lower temperatures.
  • Cold temperatures can cause problems with the external components of a chest freezer, whereby Norfrost Chest Freezers use components that can operate normally in more extreme temperatures.
  • Compressors can turn off in cold enough temperatures and the freezer can even break down - Norfrost by Ebac’s specific engeineering stops this from happening.

They work great in the heat too

With the new and improved tropical climate class you can now keep your Norfrost by Ebac in a conservatory. Our climate class of 10-43º means your chest freezer will keep your food frozen even when it's surrounding ambient temperature is up to 43º. **

Ideal places to run a Norfrost by Ebac chest freezer

Garages & outbuildings

  • Help reduce clutter in your kitchen by storing your freezer in the garage. They are much more efficient and spacious than a standard fridge freezer’s freezer compartment too, so you can always use the extra space in your kitchen for a larger capacity fridge, which is quite handy for busy family households!


  • Make the most of your extended conservatory space when you’re not using it as a chest freezer storage location. Being able to run beautifully in hot and cold temperatures, it could just be the perfect spot!


  • If having your frozen food close to hand is a must but space is tight, you could try our super slim AF21 54L chest freezer. So slim you will barely notice it, but inside it’s large enough to store almost the same as a standard drawer freezer that takes up twice the room! We also have a compact 84L for those with slightly more space available and like to store their chest freezer in the kitchen.

It’s super slim but our AF21 54L still stores almost the same amount as a standard drawered freezer while taking up only half the space!

Under the stairs

  • It may not seem like the most obvious of spaces, but it’s one that helps reduce clutter and let’s you save your main living spaces for…living!. Our AF21 54L slim chest freezer is a perfect fit for the tightest and most discreet of spaces.

Utility room

  • One of the standard homes for a chest freezer. The utility room can be a perfect place to store your chest freezer. If you've got a gap big enough for a standard appliance - like a washing machine or tumble dryer but need a little extra freezer storage the Norfrost by Ebac AF22 84L will fit perfectly in the space available.
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* Running your chest freezer at temperatures as high as 43º will mean the compressor works harder and the freezer may not be as efficient*

** Running your chest freezer below 10ºC may reduce the operating efficiency


Joanne Vipond

Product Manager & Budding Chef

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