Practical and multipurpose

Our chest freezers are as practical and helpful as they are cutting edge. We know just how much freezing food and eating fresh can benefit everyone so we wanted to share some helpful tips to help you get the most out of your freezer and enjoy some great home cooking.

Wasting food can be a thing of the past especially where fresh is concerned

Fresh produce - bought and homegrown

We all know how tricky it can be buying fresh fruit and veg. You can visit the supermarket once a week and any fresh produce you buy only stays fresh for a few days. The same goes for home grown food and allotment grown produce.

Next time you have an abundance of produce all coming to fruition at once, prepare vegetables, blanch in boiling water, remove with a slotted spoon and transfer immediately to a bowl of iced water. Drain well once chilled, evenly space out on a baking tray and freeze. Once frozen, transfer to freezer bags for easy storage. Not only does your freshly grown or bought food now last longer, it’s super quick and ready to go for when you need it.

Bulk Buying

Lots of supermarket offers but worried your meat will expire before you get chance to use it? With a fast freeze option you can get that meat frozen, lock in the nutrients and save it for when you need it, letting you save on your shopping bill.

Batch Baking

Kids love baking and it’s always great fun to spend time with them making cakes, cookies and other tasty treats. But as much as they’d like to, those treats don’t all need eating that day, they can be frozen for a later date and saved to enjoy with a nice cup of tea or perhaps a tea party with your little ones!

Kids love baking, but why not make their tasty treats last a little longer?

Everything you need at christmas and parties

Is your home the go-to house for large gatherings like Christmas? Here at Norfrost by Ebac we understand your typical needs at different times throughout the year and we know how perfect a chest freezer can be to save the day in such circumstances. They’re wide enough to fit a turkey with all the trimmings and also that must have party food ready for when unexpected visitors turn up.

The all-time party companion, always ready, always on hand

Party Ice

Planning on throwing party? Any courteous host wouldn’t think to endure their guests to a warm drink. If that sounds like you the Norfrost by Ebac 54L is the perfect companion freezer to any get-together. Featuring patented technology, it can consistently super-chill any wine or beer fast, even in the peak of summer; perfect for when the ice alone just isn't enough.

Save money and stop wasting food

When cooking up a curry, spaghetti bolognese or even a chilli con carne; all too often you can have half a pan of food left over that can often go to waste. Next time just grab a freezer bag, label it up and pop it in the freezer and wallah! Home cooked meal for one.

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