A perfect fit as always

As other freezer brands become larger in size to stay within energy efficiency guidelines Norfrost have remained the same. We know how space can easily disappear over time as your kid’s toys take over the garage or the new car is no longer allowed to get wet!

Our chest freezers fit where others won’t

So when it comes to replacing your chest freezer, you want to make sure you can buy a replacement that fits. With today’s energy regulations, many freezers are larger than they used to be when compared like for like with your old freezer and therefore will not fit the space you have available.

Norfrost by Ebac have taken a different initiative and by reducing only a small amount of internal space have been able to keep the exact same external footprint as before while also keeping with todays improved energy regulations. So you get a superbly energy efficient freezer without compromising on space in your home or garage.

There’s no need to redesign your kitchen to fit in your new Norfrost by Ebac chest freezer

The smallest chest freezer on the market

Our AF21 is so slim it’s the smallest chest freezer on the market. But being small doesn’t mean it’s a lightweight. At only 36cm wide it’s still big enough to fit 4 bags of shopping, the same as a built-in under counter drawered freezer of almost twice the size! You could even keep it handy for times like christmas and parties when you need some extra freezer room.

Our standard freezer, the AF22 is one of the smallest available in it’s capacity range

Our AF22 is your typical chest freezer size with an 84L capacity. It’s also smaller than almost all other chest freezers on the market within the 80 to 100L range! No need to make space, our freezers will fit where others don’t!

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Pamela Petty

Ebac Marketing Director & Mum of 3

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