Fast Freeze for ultimate flavour

Fitted with our Fast Freeze technology our chest freezers ensure that your food remains as nutritious and flavoursome as it did when you first plucked it from the shelf, or indeed the earth.

The scientific part - This is achieved through an ultra rapid freezing process, which doesn't allow as much water into the food as some other conventional freezers. This results in smaller ice crystals forming in the food, ensuring the quality remains almost as good as it was when it was fresh. This applies to vegetables and meats, keeping veg super fresh and meats nice and tender.

Perfect for those of you who love to grow their own vegetables to serve next to the Sunday turkey.

Faster freezing means your meats stay tender and your veg tastier

Your food remains more nutritious with Fast Freeze

Vitamins and minerals in fresh food decrease the older they become. The sooner you can freeze them the more nutrition you can lock in.

Fast Freeze from Norfrost by Ebac will guarantee your fresh fruit and vegetables stay fresh, keeping all their nutritious benefits and locking in the key vitamins and minerals that would otherwise rapidly deteriorate.

Most vegetables will need to be lightly blanched before freezing.

Freeze it fast to lock in essential vitamins and minerals

Variable Fast Freeze - It doesn’t need to impact your energy bills

Fast Freeze is a great feature but at Norfrost by Ebac, we go one step further. Our Fast Freeze is variable. You don’t need to run it for days, you can simply run it at a time that’s suitable depending on how much food you’re putting in! So no more energy has to be used than what’s needed. We love clever but simple ways to make our products better and more user friendly for you.

Our Variable Fast Freeze can save you energy!

Stop bacteria with Fast Freeze

Worried about bacteria in your food? Allow Norfrost by Ebac to put that to rest. With Fast Freeze, bacteria is slowed down super quick to a complete stop compared to other typical freezing speeds.

Once thawed always ensure your food is cooked thoroughly.

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Joanne Vipond

Product Manager & Budding Chef

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