Essential Boat Care – Using A Dehumidifier to Protect Your Boat

There is a wide range of boat accessories available for boat care, and for boat owners an Ebac dehumidifier is the perfect solution to preventing boats becoming damp or developing musty smells over long periods uninhabited or during periods of storage. 

An Ebac dehumidifier will remove the excess moisture retained in upholstery and absorbed in the structure of the boat and its fixtures and fittings, ensuring that damp and rot do not become problems. Boat care is a vital part of boat ownership, and an Ebac Dehumidifier is the perfect boat accessory to ensure that damp, mould and condensation do not become a serious problem, as can so easily happen.

Why do I need a Boat Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier will remove all this excess moisture from the atmosphere - which has many benefits. As it prevents moisture from entering your walls, a dehumidifier will help to prevent damp – which can be very expensive to repair. It also prevents growth of mould spores and ensures that the air is cleaner and healthier.

Which Dehumidifier should I buy for Boat Care?

There are many different types of dehumidifier available - and to help you choose the one that is right for you try our Product Selector. This will offer you a dehumidifier specifically suited to your boat care needs.
All Ebac dehumidifiers are specially designed for the European Climate, unlike our competitors who import their units from temperate countries. Our dehumidifier also feature our patented Smart Control, Hydrophilic Coils, and a larger Extraction Rate than other dehumidifiers. An additional feature of Ebac dehumidifiers is that they all contain a permanent drainage facility which allows the dehumidifier to be left operating at all times.

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