Top Tips To Make Your Laundry Life Easier

Continuous rise in energy costs are just a nightmare

Why not reduce your utility bills and save the planet at the same time by choosing an energy efficient washing machine

Did you know a typical A+++ energy rated machine is up to 28% more efficient than an A rating machine.

Don't forget quick wash
When you need your clothes fast, don't forget the quick wash setting

This can have your clothes washed and cleaned within 30 minutes

Machine over loading, is a common crime
Loading your washing machine to the brim reduces cleaning performance

It can leave your clothes with detergent residue streaks and soaking wet after the final spin. The solution to this crime is to leave a gap the size of your hand to ensure greater agitation.

How dirty are your clothes?

On really dirty clothes, why not try a pre-wash cycle first?

Don't forget to put the extra detergent in a separate compartment otherwise it will be washed away with your main wash.

Respect and love your fabrics
Not all fabrics can be washed in the same way to keep them looking great in colour and shape

Love your fabrics by taking a few minutes to check the washing labels. You wouldn't wash your best lingerie the same way as your sweaty sports kit. Check out the wash symbols to help spread the love amongst your garments!

Don't plan your life around your washing, do your wash when you want
A time delay feature is great to enable you to start your washing when it is convenient to you

Whether it is to start during the night using a low cost electricity tariff or during an afternoon to finish when you arrive home from work - you can decide.
Give your washing machine some TLC
Simple things can help to prolong the life, reduce mould and smells in your your washing machine.

  • A regular hot wash cycle (with no clothes in it)
  • A quick wipe around the door seal
  • Leave the door open between washes

Getting organised can save valuable laundry time

To make your laundry experience easier why not try sorting your clothing out into whites, colours and darks when you take them off

Its simple but it could save you time and when loading your machine.

Sick of bending down to set the controls?
Flat control panels are often difficult to see so why not look for a washing machine with angled controls that are easier to view and kinder on your back

Don't forget to measure that detergent

Putting too much detergent into your machine can extend your wash cycle times and leave excess residue on your clean clothes

So next time you wash don't forget to measure correctly.