Proportionate Control

Smart ControlTM learns about you, your family, and your home.

Smart ControlTM  saves you up to 30% on running cost by learning about you, your family and your home.

This unique patented control was designed by Ebac engineers and is exclusive to Ebac dehumidifiers. It works by smartly learning about your lifestyle, the weather outside and the climate in your home. It knows when to turn your dehumidifier on and off without you touching a button.
Smart ControlTM remembers when you have showers, when you cook and also learns when you are doing the laundry so all you have to do is switch it on and let it do the work.

Smart ControlTM then uses the readings taken from the last 24 hours to predict the best time to switch on – and the best time to switch off again, making it up to 3 times more efficient than manual control dehumidifiers.