British Dehumidifiers

Ebac Dehumidifiers - British and Proud - Made in Britain Campaign

With all Ebac dehumidifiers being made in Britain, we were proud to show our support for the Made in Britain campaign that calls for a standard 'Made in Britain' marque to be applied to all products manufactured in the UK. If you see the logo on the right being used on a product or website then you know that it has been manufactured in Britain.

Why is it required?

The campaign was launched after research uncovered widespread confusion amongst consumers about Made in Britain goods. The findings revealed that half of UK consumers are baffled when it comes to buying ‘British’, two-thirds (67%) want an official seal of approval to show products made in Britain and the majority (52%) think British brands should bring manufacturing back to the UK. 40% think HP Sauce (Netherlands) is British-made while 43% think the same of Royal Doulton which although designed in the UK is now manufactured in the Far East. Almost a third (32%) rate Dyson as a truly British brand despite production now taking place in Malaysia and almost a quarter (23%) stand by Raleigh when in fact it shifted production to the Far East in 2003.

More Information

The campaign was launched by the UK manufacturer Stoves